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December Fundraising: Effective Last Minute Planning

No joke. A lot of charitable gifts are made during the month of December, like more than a third of all annual charitable gifts from individuals. And, more than 70% of them are made during the last two or three days of December.


Why? Because people want to squeeze in an additional tax deduction in before December 31. Also, a lot of people start feeling charitable because their religions’ holidays might remind them to think of others. Those two motivations can make a big difference.

A lot of organizations have written a ton of literature and tip sheets on year-end giving. A few of our favorites are from Network for Good, GIFT, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

So it’s December 10th (or later! YIKES!) and you haven’t done any planning yet. Click here to visit the ioby Leader Guide to Year End Fundraising, download some of our favorite tip sheets and see instructional videos from successful ioby leaders.

ioby Leader Guide to Getting Business Bucks

Today we are happy to release the first in a series of ioby Leader Guides. This series will provide best practices, tips and tools for overcoming common challenges for citizen and community led neighborhood projects.

The ioby Leader Guide to Getting Business Bucks is a easy 10-step guide for ioby Leaders who want to attract support from local businesses and large corporations alike. ioby is unique among crowdfunding platforms because we can act as a fiscal sponsor for informal groups, allowing businesses to make tax-deductible contributions of cash and in-kind materials or services.

Perhaps most useful to community leaders is ioby’s custom built Match Campaign tool that allows businesses to match citizen donations to projects. This unique tool allows businesses the opportunity to share their support for neighborhood projects in ioby’s high touch, high traffic crowdfunding campaign pages.

Download the guide here.