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Awesome Project: Chalked Up Miami

Candy Chang revolutionized public arts when she stuck a “Hello, my name is…” sticker to a fence, with the phrase to fill in “I wish this was…”. That was 2010. Since then, street level engagement tactics like stickers, Before I Die pledges, art projects like Eve Mosher’s Insert ____ Here and High Water Line, and ioby’s reimagination project have made it easier than ever for residents of a community to take the first steps in activism.



Enter Chalked Up Miami

Chalkboards use the same lighter, cheaper, quicker tactics for public generated content. But these chalkboards are going to be located on construction fencing, so that places that most people would rather avoid become places for engagement.

Building off her successful launch at Art Basel, Gayle’s big idea is to use chalkboards to enrich the urban experience in six sites across Miami.


Help Gayle and her team to continue the momentum from her initial project at Art Basel and start the Chalked Up Miami movement now. Donate now, and be generous: your gift is an investment in a greater Miami.