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Our Miami Public Space Challenge Open!

We are proud to announce our continued partnership with The Miami Foundation, the Health Foundation of South Florida and the Miami Herald on the second Our Miami Public Space Challenge. On the challenge, Miami residents can suggest ideas to improve public spaces anywhere in Miami Dade County.

Vibrant public spaces build a stronger sense of community by sparking social engagement between Miamians. Anyone can post ideas: individuals, groups, for-profit companies or nonprofit organizations.

The deadline for submissions is April 8, 2014. Submit yours now.

Click here check out some of the funded projects from 2013’s Public Space challenge.

Awesome Project: Chalked Up Miami

Candy Chang revolutionized public arts when she stuck a “Hello, my name is…” sticker to a fence, with the phrase to fill in “I wish this was…”. That was 2010. Since then, street level engagement tactics like stickers, Before I Die pledges, art projects like Eve Mosher’s Insert ____ Here and High Water Line, and ioby’s reimagination project have made it easier than ever for residents of a community to take the first steps in activism.



Enter Chalked Up Miami

Chalkboards use the same lighter, cheaper, quicker tactics for public generated content. But these chalkboards are going to be located on construction fencing, so that places that most people would rather avoid become places for engagement.

Building off her successful launch at Art Basel, Gayle’s big idea is to use chalkboards to enrich the urban experience in six sites across Miami.


Help Gayle and her team to continue the momentum from her initial project at Art Basel and start the Chalked Up Miami movement now. Donate now, and be generous: your gift is an investment in a greater Miami.

Awesome Project: M-Path Park

What has a diverse population, the Metro Rail, Bus way, M-Path, and is green all over? Downtown Dadeland!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.54.32 PM

Well, except for that last part.

This intersection of many types of transportation options mean that this is a great gathering place for people coming from many diverse places by a multitude of means. Dadeland resident and urban planner Eric Katz believes that the only thing missing from this is open green space.

Eric’s big idea is to create an M-Path Park in this Southwest Miami metropolitan hub that is convenient and safe for transit users, joggers, residents, cyclists who can all enjoy the benefits of a local open space. Imagine the possibilities! You could take the train home from work and walk through nature to unwind on your way home, take the bus home from an outdoor concert in the park, or overachieving downtown Miami residents could bike down the M-Path, swinging in to a local grocery store to pick up a picnic lunch for Dadeland’s urban oasis.

Help Eric and his team to build a grassroots community led project to create momentum for this park. Donate now, and be generous: your gift is an investment in a greater Miami.