ioby Announces Four New Members to Board of Directors

ioby’s Board is composed of many standout individuals. Each member brings a unique background and perspective to the table as they guide ioby forward.  Together, the Board members and their specialties form one of ioby’s greatest strengths. “Every nonprofit’s Board is a critical part of the governance structure,” says ioby CEO and co-founder Erin Barnes. “At ioby, we’re lucky that our Board of Directors are enthusiastic ambassadors of our work. They are expert advisors in everything ranging from community development to the arts, technology, and finance. They additionally work as trusted partners with our staff in co-creating our ongoing Racial Equity and Inclusion work.”

As we continue to grow, ioby is pleased to welcome four new members to our Board. 

Jena’ Bradley

Jena’ Bradley currently serves as the senior manager of community impact at the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. There, she leads research and the program design, and has created a new program to fund Black Ideas, both for nonprofit and for-profit ventures. She is dedicated to ensuring racial equity in philanthropy and has an innovative approach to change.

Ioanna Paraskevopolous

Ioanna Paraskevopolous is a dedicated multi-time ioby Leader from Cincinnati. As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Action Tank, her projects have focused on formal civic leadership and highlighted the importance of civic engagement. Given her familiarity with fundraising, she is highly knowledgeable about the process of raising funds and giving.

Christine Rico

Christine Rico has been a supporter of ioby for over a decade. Before ioby became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Christine served as ioby’s fiscal sponsor, a service we now offer to project leaders across the nation. She is the Founder of CFO on Speed Dial, where she works with her team to help women business owners build profitable companies that are making a positive social impact.

Camilla Velasquez

Camilla Velasquez has extensive experience in e-commerce, SaaS, and media, having previously worked at Etsy and Justworks. She currently serves as the SVP, GM of New York Times Cooking. Given her well-rounded background, Camilla’s knowledge will help grow ioby as a product. Additionally, she is passionate about instituting antiracism in the workplace and growing equitable employment practices.