Join our team! ioby is hiring

Come work with us!
ioby is hiring a Development Officer in our headquarters in Brooklyn, as well as five  brand-new  Action Strategist positions in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC!

And stay tuned; in the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more positions.

This could be your Executive Director

[This could be your Executive Director.]

Do you or does someone you know want to join a growing team of passionate, smart, and fiercely fun people who are dedicated to growing a nationwide movement of neighbor-led change? We hope so!

Check out our open positions here.

1 thought on “Join our team! ioby is hiring

  1. Hello there,

    I am recently introduced to ioby, and am finding the organization quite impressive.

    Adam Freed is a professor of mine at Columbia University, from the M.S. program in Sustainability Management. Naturally, as a grad student, I’m not in a position to be a generous donor, but Adam has been generous enough to invite me to your benefit this evening. I am interested in involving myself in ioby’s mission, I have been looking for a full time position since I moved to the city, and to work with such an organization as ioby would be very rewarding.

    I will be looking to introduce myself this evening and will check in on available positions in the coming weeks. Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn and other associated social media sites.

    All the best,
    Abigail Orzolek

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