ioby’s journey towards racial justice: Anti-racist hiring practices

Racial equity is a core value to us at ioby. It shows up in our work in lots of different ways, both formal and informal, and we’re continuously learning, adapting, and adjusting our anti-racist practice. As we continue to grow, we want to invite you to join us—to keep us accountable, but also to take something away from our learnings, just as we’ve grown from learning from others.

One of the things our team regularly notes as the piece of formal racial equity we’re most proud of, and are particularly passionate about, is our hiring practice. It’s a process we developed with our friends and mentors to help us hire staff equitably and fairly, and make sure that we eliminate racist bias as best we can when we begin a process to invite a new staff person to join our team. We think we’ve developed a process that works particularly well, and we don’t want to keep it a secret. Take a peek under the hood and explore our Hiring Practice; pick up some learnings, drop us a line to tell us what you think. 

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So many people contributed to developing this practice, but we’re particularly indebted to our friends Wendy Jackson, Managing Director of the Detroit Program at the Kresge Foundation, Karla Monterroso, Executive Director of Code 2040, and Bex Ahuja, Managing Partner at The Management Center. We’re deeply grateful for their mentorship and guidance.