Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge 2016 Update!

This summer we partnered with the New York State Health Foundation to create the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge, which promotes community health and wellness in nine neighborhoods and cities in New York — spanning 16 zip codes — including East Harlem, Hunts Point, Brownsville, Lower East Side, Mott Haven, Claremont and Clinton County.

Through this first round of match funds, residents raised a total of $115,073 to launch initiatives to make their neighborhoods healthier. Each project received a dedicated amount of match funds based on their original fundraising goals — ultimately, over $50,609 of match funds from NYS Health Foundation supported these leaders in their work. This means that ioby Leaders and their neighbors raised a total of $64,464 of citizen philanthropy to support their projects. Otherwise said, for every dollar received from match funds, ioby leaders raised $1.27 from their neighbors. BOOM.

Twenty-three ioby projects participated in the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge — these projects all have the goal of creating a culture of health by making their neighborhoods greener or safer; improving local access to affordable healthy food; promoting walking, biking, or other exercise; educating neighbors about lifestyle changes, and more.


turn it up tuesday niagra

“I do expect it to go further….My project begins with exercise; it doesn’t stop there.”

– Renee Matthews, Turn it Up Tuesdays

Here are some of these awesome projects:

Bring a kitchen to CPE II ioby

Harlem, NY:

  • A group of parents are banding together to build a kitchen classroom to prepare the food from their school garden.

Champlain, NY:

South Bronx, NY: