We’ve raised $10 million! Here’s a snapshot of what that looks like.

Today, we want to celebrate those special neighbors. You know who we’re talking about. In fact, you’re probably one of them! They’re the changemakers. The movers and shakers. The unofficial mayors of the block. Got an issue in the neighborhood? They know what to do, and they’re ready to help.

They’re the everyday folks who’ve raised over $10 million dollars on ioby to make positive change, and they’re just getting started! That’s right–neighbors like you have raised over $10,000,000 on ioby.

That’s a lot of zeros! We’re so incredibly excited to celebrate this milestone with you today, and we’re even more excited to see what you will get done next. We rounded up below just a few of the campaigns that brought us to $10 million dollars. Check them out, then, start your own project!

We’re excited about raising $10 million for positive change, but we’re even more excited about the thousands of leaders and neighbors behind that number who helped bring to life thousands of projects all across the country. The money they raised is just one small piece of the bigger puzzle—it doesn’t even begin to show the distance our communities have traveled in building new relationships, strengthening old ones, and growing civic muscles along the way. We know there are even greater things to come out of our neighborhoods, and we can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for being part of our movement of positive civic change. Cheers to the neighborhood!