Watch: Action Corps experts on getting to “yes” with City agencies

Our newly-launched webinar series, Ask Action Corps, brings real-life challenges from resident leaders trying to implement a project to a panel of Action Corps experts. In these conversations, Action Corps members offer strategies, tools, and resources both local and national, to help leaders overcome common hurdles to getting good done.

Our first Ask Action Corps featured Cathy Marcinko, Justin Garrett Moore, Tommy Pacello, and Janet Boscarino  talking about how to navigate regulatory challenges when planning an open space improvement project on city-owned land.

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Watch the recording here, or email us for updates on upcoming webinars.


What’s Action Corps?

ioby Action Corps (beta) is our awesome network of experts who want to help resident leaders  be successful in making positive change in our neighborhoods. They’re here to offer advice, support, and resources to help you implement your project. They’re ready for action and they want to help! Visit for more info.