The wait is over. We’re in your backyard* now, too!

That’s right! As of today, ioby is now officially national.

Now anyone anywhere in the U.S. who has a big idea (or even a faint glimmer of an idea) for environmental change in his or her neighborhood can now use ioby to raise money, connect with local volunteers and share ideas to a community of people who might not live near you but who care about all the things you do.

Get started today by posting your project on Or, if you’re not quite ready to lead a project just yet, then search around the map, find a project that’s close to your home or close to your heart, and drop a dollar or ten to their success. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of ioby micro-donors who give a little to make a big change.

*We are not actually in your backyard, to be clear.