Thanks for being in our backyard.

Whenever we coach project leaders, one of the first pieces of advice we give is to build a big backyard of supporters. Your backyard will be there for all of your ups and downs, will be the folks you can rely on for help, and will ultimately make your project a success. 

We’re so lucky to have an incredible backyard of supporters, and to have celebrated them at our annual Summer Party earlier this week. Whether you were there with us to celebrate in person, or where there with us in spirit, we couldn’t build our movement for positive civic change without people like you!

There’s more good work for us to do together, but for now, check out some photos from our incredible tenth anniversary celebration. Scroll through them, tag your friends, and share your favorites. Then, let’s get back to making some positive change together! 

Learn more about our honorees

Each year, we invite incredible neighborhood leaders to be part of our celebration, and to honor the transformational work they do. For our 2019 Summer Party, we had the immense privilege of honoring Samaria Rice and Douglas Rushkoff.