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Website upgrades to help your project shine!

The ioby website is all for you.

It’s where ioby Leaders post about and raise money for their projects, where volunteers and donors find the projects they want to support, and where we sing out everyone’s successes as much as we can.

We’re always working on ways to improve—especially ways to make it easier for our community to create, share, and search for projects. To this end, our product team just rolled out a suite of upgrades to our campaign pages that we’re hoping you’ll love.

We’re excited enough about them that instead of a regulation show-and-tell, we’d like to turn this fun unveiling into a game:

Check out the  Biggs Hillside Garden  campaign page. Take a niiiiiice looooong look. Ok, got it? Good.

Now check out what it used to look like:

campaign page before

So?  Did you notice…?

  • The Countdown Clock showing “x days left”—a more urgent call-to-arms for your donor network
  • A Photo Gallery that allows you to upload up to five photos and one video into a dedicated gallery instead of directly on to your campaign page. You can now embed a video (file or URL) to make it the featured image, display additional photos or videos as thumbnails, choose the order in which images appear, and add captions to all of them.
  • A Giving Levels rewards/incentives chart where you can create up to five reward levels, incentives, or suggested donation amounts for specific project needs (totally optional!)

ioby campaign page after

These are just a few of the many changes we have in the works that will let you better customize your campaigns and promote your projects on ioby. (We think they’re just plain good-looking, too. Win-win!)

We’d love to know what you think. Please comment below, or drop us a line at hello@ioby.org.