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Jack Johnson and ioby join smallwater to rebuild in the Rockaways

Thanks very much to Jack and Kim Johnson and the whole team at the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation for matching donations to smallwater’s project on ioby. smallwater began serving the Rockaways in the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy, on Beach 96th Street (across the street from Rockaway Taco), and now, with serious elbow grease put in by neighbors and Jack Johnson himself, a vacant lot that was just six months ago used to deliver food and clothing to people in the Rockaways is now being transformed into a community center and garden. Give to the project now, and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation will match your donations.

“$49,275 raised, 811 Donors, 43 Neighborhoods, 1 Innovative Foundation” …Get the Full Story on Philanthrogeek

We’re pleased to announce that ioby is a contributor to Philanthrogeek, the new blog dedicated to exploring all the new vehicles for giving, from crowdfunding to SOUPs. Experts from the Awesome Foundation, Pollination Project, and many many more are all joining in the conversation. ioby has kicked off the conversation around crowdfunding and foundation philanthropy with the case study from our Back to School match campaign funded by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.

To read the article–Crowdfunding + Foundation Philanthropy = Leveraged Community Engagement and Giving–in full, click here.