Special Gifts for that Special Someone

Not everyone is fun to buy gifts for. There's always that one person who has everything. And then there's that other person who never seems to want anything. 

For these difficult loved ones, why not give the gift of stronger and more sustainable neighborhoods?

Now on ioby, you have two gift options for these special someones.

Give an ioby Giving Card

The ioby Giving Card is the perfect gift for all your socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly, non-material, bicycling, composting friends. You buy a card for $10, $25 or $50 and your loved one can pick the project of his or her choice.

Designed by local New Yorkers, ioby Giving Cards are a beautifully crafted gift that allows the recipient to apply the value of the card to the project of his or her choice.

Buy Giving Cards now.


Make a Donation to a Project in Honor of Someone

Sometimes giving is personal. Maybe you want to make a donation to the playground where your nephew plays or to the street trees on the block where your grandma grew up.

Not a problem. Just pick the project that's meaningful to that special someone in your life. Then, download and print from one of four ioby gift cards by clicking the pictures below.

Permie CardFarmy CardBikey Card

Parky Card