Recipes for Change Workshop


We had a great workshop session on Saturday to get feedback on our Recipes for Change toolkit.  Thanks to those who came, we had a range of participants: young and old, local residents and visitors from abroad, project leaders and people with just great ideas for projects in their neighborhoods.  That diversity of participation led to insightful feedback on aspects to make us better from an array of perspectives. 

It was helpful for us to know for instance, how our toolkit was viewed by an experienced project leader in comparison to someone who just has an idea but doesn’t know where to start. It was also interesting to compare the views of those who want a compact list of tips and those who want a longer set of templates and visuals. Over the coming months, ioby and Places for All will be asking ourselves the questions raised at the workshop to refine the toolkit based on your comments. We think in the end Recipes for Change is going to be a really useful tool and resource.  Thanks for confirming this to us on Saturday and letting us know we should keep going to make this project happen. 

If you have any additional ideas or comments, please email

Below are some images from Saturday, credits to Katie Doane for the great photos.