North Crown Heights Trees need some love! Please help this Saturday.

Date: Saturday, August 20th

Beginning Time: 10:00 AM

Neighborhood:  North Crown Heights

Address:  685 Nostrand Avenue (Between Prospect and Park Places)


Council Member Tish James has invited the Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force to participate in a “clean-up day” event in our sister neighborhood of North Crown Heights this Saturday.  The “clean-up day” event includes graffiti removal, storefront cleaning, garbage removal and street tree care.  NYC Community Clean Up, a not-for-profit organization, will be doing the “clean-up” while representatives of the Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force (including you, we hope) will oversee the aeration and mulching of the tree pits.  The Crown Heights Mediation Center conceived of the “clean-up day” initiative as a way to support Nostrand Avenue businesses by making the avenue more welcoming to shoppers, visitors and residents.


We desperately need some of our Prospect Heights neighbors to turn out for this event to instruct the NYC Community Clean Up workers on tree care.  You will essentially ensure that the workers remove weeds and debris from the tree pits, loosen the compacted soil to allow oxygen and water to penetrate the soil, and apply wood chips (mulch) around the tree to ensure moisture retention and weed reduction.  If there are any Citizen Pruners out there you would be a great addition to the team. 


So PLEASE consider helping our sister neighborhood this Saturday if you have a couple hours to spare.  Tish and the North Crown Heights neighborhood will be most appreciative.  We need you and so do they.    


Thanks, and let us know if you have any questions.


Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force