Giving Report 2022: Growing our impact through positive change

This past year was incredible for ioby and our neighbors. To date, ioby has supported local leaders to raise over $18.6 million for 3,474 projects that make our neighborhoods more sustainable, more just, and more awesome! In 2022, 65% of the leaders we served identified as BIPOC, and more than 46% were part of small, unincorporated groups who otherwise lack access to critical resources. Together, our leaders show that there’s great power in the simple act of coming together to confront a common problem. 

As we step into 2023, we wanted to take a look back and celebrate all the incredible work our neighbors did together. Check out our 2022 Giving Report to see stories about how our communities and leaders have continued evolving to meet each other’s needs, even in the face of growing crises. ioby project leaders have always been focused on getting good done block-by-block, and in 2022 that remained true as ever. 

Sometimes, making change alone can feel scary or overwhelming. But at almost every step of the way, ioby is there to support changemakers in getting good done. After all, being there for our neighbors is a key part of who we are and what we do. With ioby’s tailored resources, one-on-one coaching, and fourteen years’ worth of practical fundraising know-how, neighbors can lean on us to help raise the money and support they need. Whether fighting for the Black autism community, contributing to the health, well-being, and advancement of Latinx communities, or providing resources for our youth to take direct action against environmental injustice, ioby is here to help our neighbors reach their goals and flex their civic muscles. Here’s to getting even more good done in 2023!

Explore a year of positive change in our 2022 Giving Report