Big news: Together, we’ve raised $6 million for community-led change

The work that neighborhood leaders do with ioby is sometimes tough to quantify.

Our work is about fighting against climate change, and creating more inclusive and equitable communities. It’s about making bringing our neighbors together and building stronger relationships between us. It’s about reinvesting in our democracy, and reimagining how we get things done together. And at the end of the day, our work is about people.

But along the way some numbers are helpful. We need to rally a certain number of neighbors to lend a hand to build a new fence for the community garden. And we need to raise a certain amount of money to buy the wood for that fence, and maybe some seeds too.

Today, we’re beyond proud to share that together we’ve raised over $6 million for community-led change since ioby got started. Nearly 2,000 leaders have rallied tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors, and families to get good done from hundreds of small towns and big cities across the nation.

As always $6 million is just the tip of the iceberg. Along the way, leaders have also leveraged that crowdfunded money to raise even more money through grants and government support. And how could you even begin to put a dollar amount to the countless hours of hard work and dedication that neighbors have spent organizing, building community, and getting good done?

We’re mighty proud of the amount we’ve raised together, but we’re even more proud of our neighbors hard work. And we’re not done yet.

We at ioby are honored that our neighbors trust us as a partner, and inspired by their commitment to strengthening our communities one block at a time. Each passing milestone proves yet again that residents are truly experts on the neighborhood, and that a stronger future lays in the hands of our neighbors. We can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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