Announcing seven SUPER new additions to our Board of Directors!

We are beyond   excited to announce that our amazing Board of Directors is expanding.

Expanding, that is, by LEAPS AND BOUNDS!

At ioby, we’ve always  been incredibly lucky to be able to surround ourselves with brilliant, savvy, action-oriented and kindhearted people.  SUPER people, in fact.

We already have an amazing Board of Directors, and they’re not going anywhere! Instead,  our dedicated board has helped us grow our dream team     so that we can  build  our  expertise in the many fields of work ioby supports:  placemaking, transit and biking, public health,  and philanthropy. 

(We’ve also recently  grown our staff, as you may recall.  You can  read more about our entire team   here.)

And now, without further ado….. hey, what’s that rumbling sound?

{Click on each superhero to read more}

Justin_Garrett_Moore Shin-Pei Tsay Naomi_doerner Projjal Dutta Jamie_Hand Nadia-Owusu Adam_free

[Big thanks the the talented Nicolas Sienty for the illustrations!]