A bittersweet farewell to our dear David Weinberger

ioby friends, we have some bittersweet news to share with you: after eight years, today is our beloved colleague David Weinberger’s last day with us at ioby. We know, we almost can’t believe it either! 

For many of us in the ioby community, when you hear the word “ioby,” David’s smiling face is one of the very first things you think of. Whether you know him as a cheerleader and supporter of your project from back in his days as Community Manager, or whether you’re a friend of ioby in local government or a fellow nonprofit who’s worked with him on a new collaboration, you know that David’s excitement for positive civic change easily lights up a room.

It’s hard to keep track of the deep impact David has had on ioby; he’s worn so many hats and had a hand in nearly every piece of ioby’s movement for positive change. Since he got his start as ioby’s first full-time staffer back in 2012, he’s supported hundreds of ioby leaders on their journey to positive neighborhood change; helped us lay the framework to open our offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Memphis, Detroit, and Pittsburgh; conducted Phase 0 reports in 17 cities; helped bring to life dozens of partnerships with organizations and local governments across the country. 

He’s been a trusted adviser, a sturdy rock, and a dear friend to ioby and to the many of us who believe in our movement for positive civic change. 

Though David leaves the ioby team to enjoy more time with his family and begin a new chapter, we know that we’ll always find a friend of ioby and our movement for positive civic change in David. So this isn’t goodbye, just so long for now. 

Please join us wishing him a warm farewell!