$500K for Memphis… and rising!

We  are so excited to announce that because of so many Memphians’   hard work,  dedication, and belief in the power of neighbor-led change, we’ve now raised more than $500,000 for Memphis’ neighborhoods!

Behind that big, round number are many, many stories of neighbors,  friends, and colleagues who worked together to dream up an idea, create  a plan, complete  hours of strategizing and fundraising, and make something truly positive happen.

In   Memphis, the average ioby project budget is just under $4,000.  But these seemingly small projects (170 of them!) add up to make a huge impact! Overall, 19 zip codes have been home to at least one  ioby project, and 2,139 individual donations have been made.

There are  too many amazing projects to list here, but these  are a few of our favorites that have transformed  Memphis recently:

We want to thank and congratulate our amazing colleagues at Livable Memphis for making all this positive change possible in Memphis.

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